Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hyacinth ~ Lilac ~ Amethyst ~ Lavender

A Springtime Touch of Color

In the White Guest Room

Radiates Beauty

And Tranquility

Oh How Happy I am That it is March!!!!!

The flowering cherry trees are in bloom
and buds are forming
ready to burst forth
into glorious

~ Violet ~

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Yellow is a Happy Color!

~ and sunshine on my shoulders make me happy ~

~ Prince Pup ... 5 Months Old ~

~ Porsha Pup and Her Pal ~

Sunshine and Shadows
always inspire me

{what is inspiring you these days?}

~ Violet ~

Sunday, February 8, 2015

French Pastries and Lavender

Macarons in Pink

Chocolate Tarts


And Vintage Jewels

~ Delightful Pleasures ~

Which Inspire 
Taste Buds

And the Heart

~ Violet ~

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Tail of a Prince and a Porsha.....

" Prince "

" Porsha "

~ Once Upon a Time ~

This is my story, my name (rightly so) is Prince.
I am a 4 month old Silken Windhound puppy formerly from a place called Texas.... 

It was nice there.  But since I discovered I am actually a Prince,
and am treated so royaly here in my new home,
I have adjusted quite well.

But I was kinda lonely.
Even though there is a large hairy dog here who says he is the King,
he just lays around most of the time.
He doesn't play much because he's a lot older than me.

I needed a friend,
besides the humans who adore me that is.

So now I have a wonderful friend we call Porsha
{ But everyone knows she is Princess Porsha }

I am 4 months old and she is 2 months old, smaller than me,
but can she ever attack!

{ I know she looks really adorable and innocent here }

She and I are filling up the empty space left by Dazzle

I've been hearing a lot about her, and she is now in a place called
and that sounds really fun, but my people miss her.
We will all get to run in the fields of heaven with her one day.

We won't have that long long hair like Drifter and Dazzle,
and won't get as big
but we will have more hair on our tails!

We are smaller than a Borzoi and larger than a Whippet

And we are so fast, you would be amazed!!!
We are both Silken Windhounds

We play like crazy and then get all tuckered out.
{ So do our people }

I've heard them say we are extremely fun
~ and extremely exhausting ~

I'll tell you more of our escapades later

Royally Yours,
~ Prince ~

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Favorite Creatures

Of My Favorite Creatures





~ I know I will probably never own any but the latter ~

~ and that is enough ~

two puppies that is!

How hard it was to recently say goodbye to our dear Dazzle,
our 8 year old Afghan Hound
who we loved so dearly.

But as we open a new chapter in our lives
we will soon be welcoming two darling puppies.
~ This photo is of one of them ~
{ it's a breed we have never had but adore }

{not too sure how much adoration will take place by our older Afghan Hound though!}

moving from sorrow to joy
~ Violet ~